Charities in Canada have a lot of responsibilities, and there are a fair number of people who require furniture and household items. Even homes that are set up to help the homeless need this type of furniture. It isn’t just the big items that are needed, either. Small things such as towels, bedding, dishes and many other day to day items are in need of by families. Giving donations of used furniture and household items is a great way to support a charity.

Structured Events

It could be fun and very beneficial to hold a structured event for items that are most needed. For example, in the wintertime, there is a greater need for warm bedding. An event could be held to accept these donations. This gets people who have the stuff to donate to focus on just sorting through one type of item in their homes, instead of having to gather several. This helps them not to become so overwhelmed and then tend not to bother.

If these types of events were held regularly throughout the year, the idea may grow into something that people would plan for. So, instead of throwing out their gently used bedding, for example, they would hold onto until the upcoming event in the winter. This can also be applied to summer items, when fans are needed or light curtains for the window. In most cases, there should be nothing that is thrown out when there is most likely a need for it.

Being Creative

Some have extra time and could donate this to their charities, but then others are very limited when it comes to time but do have some extra money they could give. This always comes in handy, as there are a lot of expenses that come with running a charity.