Even those who don’t have anything to give when it comes to furniture or household items, there are lots of ways they can support their local charities.

Stirring Up Interest

There are a lot of people who enjoy having a yardsale. They have items they are willing to sell but maybe not yet ready to donate. Encouraging them to have a yard sale will also get them in the mood to give items away that have been sitting in the basement for months or even years. If they don’t sell at the yard sale, they are reluctant to drag them back into the house again. Having a few drivers on standby with pickup trucks is a good way to give then owners incentives to part with their items. Then they can be taken to the local charity.

Repairs and Fixes

There are a lot of retired Canadians who are bored and like to tinker by fixing up things. They don’t have a lot of extra money to donate to their local charity, but they do have time and skills. Some are great at doing appliance and furniture repairs. But they only have so much room in their house for all these items. These individuals could accept donations of items in need of repairs, then fix them and give them over to charity. This would be a lot of acts of kindness taking place at one time.

Door to Door Drives

There is nothing wrong with a few people going door to door in the local community to pick up small household items. Things such as tea towels, bedding and cutlery, are also items in need and don’t require a large vehicle for pick up. Volunteers could pick up these items, then launder or clean them and have them ready to go to their local charity.