People come from all walks of life in Canada and they each live under their own personal circumstances. Many live comfortably, then there is the country’s share of the rich. Also, there are those who are at the poverty level. Fortunately, they live in a country where they can get a good amount of help to give them a roof over their heads. What they need in addition to this are furniture and household items. These too can be provided to them through various organizations.

In The Need

It isn’t always those living in poverty that are in need of household furniture and items. There are times where a disaster has hit a family such as fire or flood and they have no insurance. They once had everything they needed but have now lost everything. This is where several organizations will come to the rescue and help them put their lives back together with tangible items. The same applies to newcomers to the country. They may be able to find an apartment for their family but furnishing it and making it a home is another issue. But, they too will get the help they need.


There are several charitable organizations that focus on providing specialty items for people in need. Although they may provide other items as well, the organizations have to be big enough to accept large donations of furniture and have a place to store it. This is the problem that smaller charities have; they have nowhere to house the donations.

Furniture Banks

There are several furniture banks in Canada that will accept donations and pass them unto charities to give to those who they serve.

These acts of kindness are important but they also serve those who are donating well too. It can be difficult to get rid of unwanted furniture. If there were no charities, those items could end up in landfills which would just create an environment problem.