With it being so easy to sell furniture online and at yard sales, used furniture can be a little hard to come by. Charitable organizations are often lacking these sorts of items along with general household items. In order to correct the problem, they will try to run various types of events.

Spring and Winter Cleanup

Sometimes they will encourage cleanup drives like spring and winter decluttering, in the hopes that people will be willing to get rid of their large furniture and outdated household items. Often people put this off because they don’t want the hassle of having to carry it around. So the charitable organizations will arrange for pickups with these scheduled events. Often they are quite successful.

Pick Up And Delivery

There are a few organizations, at least in Ontario, that have the capability of picking up large furniture items and delivering them to those in need. However, these are charitable organizations and they have to raise funds to keep themselves in operations. It takes money to pay for the storage of furniture and staff. Although when it comes to picking up and deliveries they often rely on volunteers. Although they do have a few workers on minimum wage.

Fun Raisers

To keep organizations like this in business, the community can hold fundraisers. These can be things like back sales or even yard sales. Although some household items can be sold at yard sales, the proceeds go to the support of the charities who are providing these items to the needy.

School Functions

Sometimes the local schools will run furniture drive events as well. Then volunteers will pick up the furniture from the donors and take it to charities who can then disseminate it. Sometimes however, the donated furniture is often in need of repair so those events may be held to bring able-bodied people to do these repairs.