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Wrap Up Celebration – Grand Total!!

It is my supreme pleasure to have hosted the 6th annual 1,000 Acts of Kindness Challenge this year! The theme of this year’s Challenge was Kindness Connects and boy, did it ever! LUSO Community Services and the Anti-Hate and Anti-Bias program enjoyed tremendous community support and overwhelmingly creative and inspirational acts of kindness this October. This campaign wouldn’t be possible without fabulous community partners like the City of London, who funds the Anti-Hate and Anti-Bias program, rtraction who does an incredible job with webdesign, upkeep and hosting of this brilliant, award winning website, and of course Libro Financial Group who has graciously and generously sponsored this campaign for the second year in a row! Thank you so much to each and every one of you and a big giant THANK YOU to each and every participant of this campaign. It is my hope that this campaign will serve as a source of lasting inspiration to keep the Kindness Revolution going all year long!!

Yesterday, Wednesday November 5th, 2014 the 6th annual campaign came to an official end with a super fun Wrap Up Celebration at Citi Plaza Centre Court. The event featured a blast to the past with a look at some events and initiatives that took place during this year’s campaign, some engaging activities with the audience and prizes, special guest speaker Jeremy Grace, initiator of the Up High Movement at London Central High School, and a special thanks awarded to the London Police Service for their commitment to kindness this month.

Each year, we choose an initiative, LondonPoliceorganization or individual who has put a unique twist on their involvement in the Challenge. This year, we chose to honour the London Police Service for their goal to cover at least 1,000 fingers this winter! Not only did they far exceed their goal, but they took the theme “Kindness Connects” one step further and connected with partner organizations and new connections in the community to achieve their goal.


Oh and OF COURSE we revealed the GRAND TOTAL of kind acts registered throughout this year’s campaign!! How, you ask, did we do this? Two words: Balloon Stuffer.

We stuffed a large balloon with 5 small balloons. 5 colours of the rainbow! And – you guessed it – the numbers were inside the balloons!! One by one, volunteers popped the large balloons, popped the smaller balloons, and stuck the felt numbers onto the felt board.

Grand Total

In 5 years, the campaign has seen over 310,000 Acts of Kindness… And this year, we’re thrilled to add 75,310 registered Acts of Kindness in the City of London to that total! Bringing the overall total of 6 years of kindness to over 385,000!!! total

Congratulations to everyone involved for making such a positive impact on London. May it be an everlasting one, and may each act of kindness you receive, perform or witness inspire you to do more every day!!

Dunia Hamou
Anti-Hate and Anti-Bias Program Coordinator