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World Mental Health Day – Free Yoga Hour

Hello hello!

In honour of World Mental Health Day on October 10, two very fantastically generous local Yoga Studios, Downtown Yoga Holistic Centre and The Art of Living London, offered free Yoga Hours throughout the day! I was thrilled at the generosity – opening their own doors and sharing with the community what they do best!

Doing kindness is as easy as sharing your skills! My hope is that everybody can share with another just ONE thing that they do well (gardening, cleaning, babysitting, baking) and spread love and kindness as easily as it is to eat an entire tray of cookies without thinking..

Sorry, that got off track. What’s important is that this event offered people a chance to come in, leave their worries at the door and look out for Number 1 – THEMSELVES! It is important to take some time to worry about your own well being. Health is not simply a physical state. Your mental health is equally as important as your physical health. Some may argue that it is more important! A healthy state of mind and outlook make it all the more easy to spread kindness and positivity in our community!

Thanks again to our wonderful instructors Katerina and Ami!


Be the Picture of Kindness @ Central Library

Yesterday’s event on October 2nd at the Central Library consisted of a photo shoot with some funky coloured frames. Why, you ask? Because! Consistent with this year’s theme, “Kindness Starts with Me! Be the Picture of Kindness”, we invited members of our community to come out and get their picture taken and literally BE the picture of kindness!! We’ll be showing up around town with our frames as the month progresses to remind the community that each and every one of YOU is the picture of kindness!


Some super cool Library Staff, members of the community and great new friends!
Kindness begins with all of us!

I’m always willing to share! So if you’d like to borrow my frames to host your own Picture of Kindness event, email me and I will bring them down! Along with some treats, of course, because Kindness Starts with Me!!

Remember to Tweet pictures of yourselves doing kindness using #1000acts to share the great actions! Be creative, because I know you are!


Campaign kick off! Kindness Fun Fair

Greetings Kindness Choosers!

I’m happy to announce that the Kick Off event was a huge huge success!!

Kindness Fun Fair: 1, Hate in our Community: 0.

So much kindness to give in London and sooo many people willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. Special thanks to the amaaazing people at Knollwood Park Public School, the fantastic LUSO staff, the generous people over at Libro Financial group aaaaaaanddd of course my fantastic volunteers and all the wonderful vendors who offered their time for the cause of kindness!!

Fun Fair Participants included:

Southwestern Pet Centre

Mehndi by Maggie

GiggleFace Face Painting

Fun 4 All Entertainment

Let’s Talk Science

Countless collective hours of help and kindness. I can only imagine the message sent to all the kids (and adults!) who attended. Many people approached me and shared their excitement for the event!  Have you ever been hugged by a python? I have as of yesterday! In addition to our reptile petting zoo, we had a card making station where Kindness Choosers like yourself made cards for people at the Children’s hospital under the supervision of our faaabulous Literacy Coordinator. We also had a Candy Bar, Sno Cones, a Popcorn bar and suuper cheesy pizza!! All donated in kind by community members!!

A couple of LUSO volunteers preparing their plan to spread the most kindness while giving out FREE CANDY!

A couple of LUSO volunteers preparing their plan to spread the most kindness while giving out FREE CANDY!

See our supporters page for more! We also had a fabulous team of volunteers come down from Let’s Talk Science, Western University teach us that kindness can be fun and educational as well! And last but certainly not least, we had henna and face paint that made sure everyone was as colourful and sparkly as physically possible!

So many wonderful attendees – I would like to thank each and every person who attended because, needless to say, the event would not have been possible without them.  Spread the word, share the love and DO KINDNESS!!

Kick Off (46)

Some wonderful LUSO staff spreading kindness!

Kick Off (48)

The amaaazing principal at Knollwood Park p.s rockin’ a python!



Thanks for making London sparkle!!

It’s October! The most wonderful time of year.. It’s time to see what spectacular acts of kindness will emerge from our Londoners this year! I can’t believe my excitement and what’s 1,000 times better than my excitement is the results we will see by the end of the month.

I’m pleased to announce that Libro Financial Group will be generously sponsoring our campaign this month! The folks over at Libro have  a fantastic community-oriented value system in the office and we are very honoured to be a part of that! If you bank at Libro, drop by and thank them for their wonderful commitment to kindness! I’m looking forward to spreading kindness in our beautiful forest city and want each and every one of you to think of ONE way to stop hate and spread kindness and then DO IT! I’ll help! Just give me a call at 519-452-1466 or send me an email at! I’ll do everything I can. Need some promoting for your coat drive? I’m your gal! Want to let everyone know how fantastic your bake sale for United Way went? Give me a shout! That’s what I’m here for and that’s what I loooove to do!

Don’t forget to check out our calender of events and submit yours for all to see!

Thanks again to Libro Financial Group for making London Sparkle! Be kind and smile!

And the final tally is……

Greetings Kindness Choosers! We officially wrapped up the 1,000 Acts of Kindness Campaign for 2012 yesterday with a celebration at the Carling Family Centre. Thank you to all those folks that celebrated with us and shared your stories of kindness- truly inspiring. Londoners continue to be extremely kind- in total 68,928 acts of kindness were completed throughout the month of October by students, schools, businesses, community organizations and groups etc. This phenomenal number is only what was shared with us, we imagine that this number is actually alot higher. Thank you London and we look forward to next year’s Campaign.

Campaign Celebration!

Greetings Kindness Choosers!  The 1,000 Acts of Kindness Challenge is officially over, but we know that many of you will continue on your path of kindness throughout the year.  We hope the campaign inspired you and will continue to inspire you.

Join us on Tuesday November 20th from 4:15-5:30 pm at the Carling Family Centre ( 335 Belfield Street, formerly Northbrae Hub) to celebrate all of the wonderful activities that took place throughout our community.

Hope to see you on November 20th.

Continue to Choose Kindness!


Last day of 1,000 Acts of Kindness Campaign

Greetings Kindness Choosers! Well today marks the official last day of the 1,000 Acts of Kindness Campaign. Hopefully participating in the campaign has inspired you to continue with your kind acts throughout the year. Kindness can happen all year round- not just during this campaign.  We will begin to tally all the wonderful things that has taken place throughout the community this month. Please make sure to share your activities, pictures and stories. We will be planning a wrap-up event in the next few weeks to announce the final tally. Stay tuned for details.   We look forward to sharing the community’s total with you soon.

Two days left

Greetings Kindness Choosers! Two days left to spread kindness, so far Londoners have been busy. We have received emails that has our tally at 4,068 different Acts of Kindness.  We know many of you have been busy this month organizing activities. Please share your stories, events and acts of kindness with us. We love to hear from you.  Stay tuned for information about the Wrap-up event to celebrate.

Busy tallying Acts of Kindness

Greetings Kindness Choosers! We are half way through the 1,000 Acts of Kindness Campaign. We have been busy tallying all the acts that have been submitted to us via email.  We will update the website counter within the next few days to reflect how kind London has been.

Please continue to share your stories, your acts of kindness and let us know about any events  that we can post. Choose kindness, it’s easy and everyone can do it.


Is your family up to the challenge?

Greetings Kindness Choosers! During October, our friends at Childreach will be collecting NEW children’s winter clothing and accessories for the Boys & Girls Club’s Koats for Kids program. Please help them fill their “buckets of kindness”!

Want to incorporate kindness into your home or classroom? Childreach has a Kindness Kit available for borrowing! Call Childreach Resource Centre 519-434-3644 x11 to see if it’s on the shelf!