Sock Drive- socks needed

Greetings Kindness Choosers! The Regional HIV/Aids Connection is conducting a SOCK drive during the month of October. All socks collected will be given to clients of Regional HIV/Aids Connection during the cold winter months. Socks are to be of good quality (no holes) and clean.  If you are interested in donating to the Sock drive,... read more

Kindness has no age requirements

Greetings Kindness Choosers! A proud mom wrote: I would like to share with you my family’s promotion of 1000 Acts of Kindness.  Yesterday I went to Costco and bought a container of 120 lollipops.  I had Acts of Kidness stickers that I got from the program.  With my daughter Camila and son Santi’s help, we... read more

Kindness in the community…

Greetings Kindness Choosers! We are thrilled that the kindness is continuing during the 2012 campaign. So far,  we have 74 organizations, schools and individuals that have signed up for the challenge this month.  Some of you have already shared what you are doing throughout the month. Please continue to share your stories as it helps... read more

My Sisters' Place & The Canadian Embroiderers' Guild Choose Kindness!

Greetings Kindness Choosers! We are thrilled that the kindness is continuing! On this note, here’s an update from Alma, a member of the Canadian Embroiderers’ Guild chapter in London, about the Guild’s partnership with My Sisters’ Place – both groups are working together to make baby quilts to donate to other organizations in the city:... read more

Celebration Day!

Greetings Kindness Choosers! We’re incredibly privileged, honoured, and excited to announce that – working together – we completed a phenomenal 104409 acts of kindness during the month of October!!! ONE HUNDRED AND FOUR THOUSAND, FOUR HUNDRED and NINE!!! The most amazing thing, however, is that so many of you have pledged to continue the Kindness... read more

ONE sleep!!!

Greetings Kindness Choosers! We hope that you had a wonderful weekend and that you’re feeling relaxed and refreshed as a new week begins. Well, if you can believe it, we’re still counting acts of kindness! Over 35,000 so far, to be exact! We’re also preparing for TOMORROW’S celebration…and we hope to see you there! Choose... read more

Two Sleeps…

Greetings Kindness Choosers! Would you believe that we’ve tallied more than 30,000 acts of kindness…and we’re still going?! If we didn’t already know how committed you are to the Kindness Revolution, we’d hardly believe it ourselves…but we know better. You are making positive change happen with each decision to share kindness and we both respect... read more

Three Sleeps…

Greetings Kindness Choosers! The kindness continues…10,000…11,000…12,000…20,000….25,000 acts and…. Choose Kindness! read more

Four Sleeps…

Greetings Kindness Choosers! We hope you’re enjoying the sunshine! Guess what? We’re at 20,000 acts of kindness and counting…and just FOUR more sleeps until the wrap-up celebration!!!! While October’s Challenge is complete, we are excited as we have every confidence that you are continuing to carry the Kindness Revolution forward – how did you fill... read more

Five Sleeps…

Greetings Kindness Choosers! You are stars! The acts of kindness are still rolling in…more than 10,000 and counting…. Choose Kindness! read more

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1,000 Acts of Kindness Kick off was a SUCCESS!!

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all the community partners, neighbours, friends, individuals and LUSO STAFF who helped make this year’s 1,000 Acts of Kindness kick off a GREAT success!! Together, the 1,000 Acts of Kindness campaign delivered over 3,000 donated items to locations across the city that do kindness all year round! Our Ripple... read more