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An Apple a Day day at Central Library

Once again I ventured off to the London Public Library, Central Branch where myself and a volunteer gave out over 150 apples from Appleland – the happiest place on earth!

It was lots of fun connecting with the community! Over 150 students, adults, seniors and children received a FREE apple from the 1,000 Acts of Kindness campaign.  That’s over 150 individual acts of kindness that (I’m sure) were later passed on!
In my mind, one act of kindness is a tremendous success.

Below is a picture of us giving out out apples dressed as loving, generous farmers! (two our of three isn’t bad I hope)

An Apple a Day day

Plaid shirts unite!

We also had a little bit of fun with the security team over at the Library. Although they refused apples because “acidity irritates their teeth” they took a super cool picture of us off their screens! Thanks guys!


Not breaking any laws.. Just spreading the love in London, Ontario!

Thanks again London Public Library!!

Colour of Kindness Chalkboard

The title of the event speaks for itself. After a few failed attempts at building a spectacular Kindness Chalkboard, I have a few mediocre ones and one suuuuper cool one. My super cool one is the one I brought to Whiteoaks Mall on October 16th. Whiteoaks Mall management were veryyy kind for allowing me to display my chalkboard at the super busy Wellington st. entrance for the afternoon. I was overwhelmed by the amount of people who expressed interest and appreciation in the 1,000 Acts of Kindness Campaign challenge. I encouraged each and every person I interacted with to THINK, SPEAK, and ACT kindly in London for the purpose of this campaign, as well as to help us create a more loving and kind community.

I wasn’t able to document all the beautiful drawings and writings on the Kindness Chalkboard, as I erased it a few times to give others an opportunity, but below is a shot of one version of the Kindness Chalkboard 🙂


International Day of the Girl

This event on October 11th speaks for itself! Girls are fantastic. I will be out and about celebrating our London girls on International Day of the Girl. Super fabulous girls at Victoria park will receive an “It’s a Girl!” balloon, as well as a 1,000 Acts of Kindness card inviting them to pass along the kindness! Be kind, stay wonderful!

International Day of the Girl

Hi again Kindness Doers!

October 11th was International Day of the Girl and our Kindness Event was an act of honouring that super cool day!

international girl dayGirls are special in a many ways , but I can’t list them all because my fingers will fall off. The important thing is that GIRLS know they’re special! In an effort to ensure this is PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE, I, along with my super fantastic colleague, ventured off into Victoria Park and shared congratulatory balloons with girls!

What made the balloon receiving extra special was that we also gave out Kindness cards. The idea behind the tiny Kindness Card is that every girl who received a balloon is obligated to pass on an act of kindness to a person she either knows, or doesn’t know! Spread Kindness with Kindness, that’s what it’s about!


Samantha with some balloon bouquets that were distributed among the many girls in Victoria Park on International Day of the Girl.

World Mental Health Day – Free Yoga Hour

Hello hello!

In honour of World Mental Health Day on October 10, two very fantastically generous local Yoga Studios, Downtown Yoga Holistic Centre and The Art of Living London, offered free Yoga Hours throughout the day! I was thrilled at the generosity – opening their own doors and sharing with the community what they do best!

Doing kindness is as easy as sharing your skills! My hope is that everybody can share with another just ONE thing that they do well (gardening, cleaning, babysitting, baking) and spread love and kindness as easily as it is to eat an entire tray of cookies without thinking..

Sorry, that got off track. What’s important is that this event offered people a chance to come in, leave their worries at the door and look out for Number 1 – THEMSELVES! It is important to take some time to worry about your own well being. Health is not simply a physical state. Your mental health is equally as important as your physical health. Some may argue that it is more important! A healthy state of mind and outlook make it all the more easy to spread kindness and positivity in our community!

Thanks again to our wonderful instructors Katerina and Ami!