Kathy saved the lives of 5 cats: Scruffy, Sneaky, Sasha, Snow Fake and one more, unnamed. She gave them home, feeds them, gave them shots and neutered; she is trying to find them good homes. Kathy is an angel! More people to follow her example..
Submitted 11/05/14 by: Kathy Milczarek
Kate at London East Animal Hospital was very kind in carrying for the homeless cat. She is always kind but last week of October she was super kind to stay longer on her own time and help with the cat who needed a home after his surgery.
Submitted 11/03/14 by: kathy
Our school had three drives this Oct.: a mountain of pasta for the food bank guess the teacher from the baby picture - monies raised go Diabetes - London Chapter An our now annual Kindness tree - recording Acts if Kindness and new this year: Random acts of Kindness In total we were able to get to 962 Acts of Kindness - just a few shy of our 1000 Target
Submitted 11/03/14 by: Derek Butt
Dr. More is a veterinarian who helped homeless cat to be vaccinated and neutered so can have a better chance to be adopted. He kept cat with no charge. Thank you Dr. More.
Submitted 10/31/14 by: Dr. More
Margaret gave home a black and white cat that needed place to to go. Despite having not much support from her family and that she has already 2 other cats she gave the cat chance to survive. Thank you Malgosia for such a good deed!!!! Hopefuly cat will find a permanent home soon.
Submitted 10/31/14 by: Margaret (Malgosia)
LUCAS STAROSZCZYK is 9 years of age. He during the month of October 2014 cared for a homeless cat for more than 3 weeks. He cleaned after the cat, fed it and played with him to keep him company. Thanks LUCAS. Great Job! You helped to save an animal.
Submitted 10/31/14 by: LUCAS STAROSZCZYK
A student bought Dairy Queen ice cream for their family as a treat!
Submitted 11/14/13 by: U-Turn Suspension & Expulsion Program
While a meal was being prepared for the students, one student in particular offered to take over the cooking!
Submitted 11/14/13 by: U-Turn Suspension & Expulsion Program
A student made the decision to drive friends home after a party in order to keep them safe.
Submitted 11/14/13 by: U-Turn Suspension & Expulsion Program
A student noticed that a man had dropped his can while walking. He stopped and picked it up for the gentleman and took the time to speak with him.
Submitted 11/14/13 by: U-Turn Suspension & Expulsion Program

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1,000 Acts of Kindness Kick off was a SUCCESS!!

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all the community partners, neighbours, friends, individuals and LUSO STAFF who helped make this year’s 1,000 Acts of Kindness kick off a GREAT success!! Together, the 1,000 Acts of Kindness campaign delivered over 3,000 donated items to locations across the city that do kindness all year round! Our Ripple... read more