International Day of the Girl

Hi again Kindness Doers!

October 11th was International Day of the Girl and our Kindness Event was an act of honouring that super cool day!

international girl dayGirls are special in a many ways , but I can’t list them all because my fingers will fall off. The important thing is that GIRLS know they’re special! In an effort to ensure this is PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE, I, along with my super fantastic colleague, ventured off into Victoria Park and shared congratulatory balloons with girls!

What made the balloon receiving extra special was that we also gave out Kindness cards. The idea behind the tiny Kindness Card is that every girl who received a balloon is obligated to pass on an act of kindness to a person she either knows, or doesn’t know! Spread Kindness with Kindness, that’s what it’s about!


Samantha with some balloon bouquets that were distributed among the many girls in Victoria Park on International Day of the Girl.

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