Campaign kick off! Kindness Fun Fair

Greetings Kindness Choosers!

I’m happy to announce that the Kick Off event was a huge huge success!!

Kindness Fun Fair: 1, Hate in our Community: 0.

So much kindness to give in London and sooo many people willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. Special thanks to the amaaazing people at Knollwood Park Public School, the fantastic LUSO staff, the generous people over at Libro Financial group aaaaaaanddd of course my fantastic volunteers and all the wonderful vendors who offered their time for the cause of kindness!!

Fun Fair Participants included:

Southwestern Pet Centre

Mehndi by Maggie

GiggleFace Face Painting

Fun 4 All Entertainment

Let’s Talk Science

Countless collective hours of help and kindness. I can only imagine the message sent to all the kids (and adults!) who attended. Many people approached me and shared their excitement for the event!  Have you ever been hugged by a python? I have as of yesterday! In addition to our reptile petting zoo, we had a card making station where Kindness Choosers like yourself made cards for people at the Children’s hospital under the supervision of our faaabulous Literacy Coordinator. We also had a Candy Bar, Sno Cones, a Popcorn bar and suuper cheesy pizza!! All donated in kind by community members!!

A couple of LUSO volunteers preparing their plan to spread the most kindness while giving out FREE CANDY!

A couple of LUSO volunteers preparing their plan to spread the most kindness while giving out FREE CANDY!

See our supporters page for more! We also had a fabulous team of volunteers come down from Let’s Talk Science, Western University teach us that kindness can be fun and educational as well! And last but certainly not least, we had henna and face paint that made sure everyone was as colourful and sparkly as physically possible!

So many wonderful attendees – I would like to thank each and every person who attended because, needless to say, the event would not have been possible without them.  Spread the word, share the love and DO KINDNESS!!

Kick Off (46)

Some wonderful LUSO staff spreading kindness!

Kick Off (48)

The amaaazing principal at Knollwood Park p.s rockin’ a python!