An Apple a Day day at Central Library

Once again I ventured off to the London Public Library, Central Branch where myself and a volunteer gave out over 150 apples from Appleland – the happiest place on earth!

It was lots of fun connecting with the community! Over 150 students, adults, seniors and children received a FREE apple from the 1,000 Acts of Kindness campaign.  That’s over 150 individual acts of kindness that (I’m sure) were later passed on!
In my mind, one act of kindness is a tremendous success.

Below is a picture of us giving out out apples dressed as loving, generous farmers! (two our of three isn’t bad I hope)

An Apple a Day day

Plaid shirts unite!

We also had a little bit of fun with the security team over at the Library. Although they refused apples because “acidity irritates their teeth” they took a super cool picture of us off their screens! Thanks guys!


Not breaking any laws.. Just spreading the love in London, Ontario!

Thanks again London Public Library!!

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