Anyone who has a kind heart is going to appreciate what this website is all about. Its topic is kindness and donating items to the less fortunate. It focuses on drawing attention to the need for large household furniture as well as small household items. All the things that it takes to turn a house into a home. Different topics have been showcased here, so we can do our part in creating some awareness for this need.

Kind Acts

There are some posts here that are meant for drawing attention to getting people to think about purging their homes of the big items that they want to get rid of but may not have the means to do so. There are options for this, as some Canadian charities can pick up these kinds of items and give them to those in need.


Here, the focus is on getting people not only to donate their items but to support the needs of the charities, so they can give these types of items away. Often it is easy to take a charity for granted and not realize what their needs are, so they can help others.


Charities cannot do all the good works they do on their own. Especially when it comes to meeting household needs. For this reason, those in the community who are not in need, have to be able to get behind their local charities and turn these into community events, so everyone is giving a helping hand.